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Mappin&Webb is a UK based jeweler.

In 1897, it was certified as a "royal purveyor" by Queen Victoria, and Mappin & Webb's craftsmen are still appointed as crown jewelers (craftsmen who create crowns) for the British royal family.

Currently, jewelry is the main focus, but it was originally famous as a silverware workshop, and many silver products remain in the antique world.
While many British jewelers remain in the UK only, it is the UK's most successful global brand, which at one point had an international presence.


Mappin&Webb is said to have started in 1775 as a silver workshop opened by Jonathan Mappin in Sheffield, England.

After the workshop was taken over by Jonathan's son Joseph and his son Joseph, Jonathan's great-grandchildren Frederick, Edward, Charles, and John expanded the business as "Mappin Brothers Ltd." in 1846. I will continue.

However, John, the youngest son, conflicted with the other brothers over the management of the workshop, quit "Mappin Brothers" and became independent as "Mappin & Co" in 1860, and opened his own shop at 77-78 Oxford Street in London. .
In 1862, George Webb, John's brother-in-law, took part in management, and in 1868 the company changed its name to "Mappin and Webb & Co."

After that, for a while, "Mappin Brothers" and "Mappin and Webb" will fight to claim the original Mappin family.

Expansion and Royal Warrant

"Mappin & Webb" John Mappin seems to have been a person with considerable business sense.

Not only silverware made of sterling silver, but also silverware made of silver plate at a low price range, the products were widely accepted not only by the upper class such as aristocrats but also by the middle class, which was gaining power in the latter half of the 19th century. was given.
In addition to silverware, we will also focus on the manufacture and sale of jewelry to expand our business.

In the 1890s, starting in Johannesburg, South Africa, stores opened in cities around the world, including Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Pearritz, Nice, Lausanne, Vichy, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Cairo, and Mumbai.
In 1888, Queen Victoria commissioned us to manufacture necklaces, and in 1897 we were given the title of "British Royal Warrant".

On the other hand, "Mappin Brothers", which was run by the brothers, gradually declined, and the brothers and their sons also withdrew from the management, and the connection with the Mappin family disappeared.
In 1902 the "Mappin Brothers" were absorbed into "Mappin & Webb".

Mappin & Webb MugMappin&Webb teapot

the current

In the 20th century, Mappin & Webb won customers such as the Russian royal family and Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, and acquired rival famous manufacturers in England such as "Walker & Hall" and "Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co". We will continue to expand our business.

In 1939, it expanded into Japan.

In 1973, it was acquired by Sears Holding in the United States, and since then it has undergone capital changes such as joining the Asprey Garrard Group. is part of

However, it is still a royal purveyor to Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales, and continues to be a prestigious family with the title of Crown Jeweler of the British Royal Family.


Mappin & Webb is a prestigious brand that is a purveyor to the British royal family, but they also focus on relatively affordable items such as silver plate products.
Management adapted to such changes in the times pushed out other rivals in the UK and became the most successful brand.
It may be close to the image of Tiffany & Co in the United States.

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