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Nice to meet you.
Antique Shop SILVER-LUG I am Watanabe, the owner of SILVER-LUG.
Thank you for visiting my shop.

Daiga Watanabe, owner of SILVER-LUG

I have loved classic style fashion and items since I was young.
Gradually, I became fascinated with the world of antiques, and my collection grew.
This hobby led me to open this store, SILVER-LUG.

I love items that are antiques but can still be used in today's life.
I am still learning about the world of antiques, which is very deep.
Please let me know if there are any interesting products or items you are looking for.

The charm of antiques is that each item has its own story.

What kind of country, what kind of culture, what kind of craftsman made it?
What kind of craftsman made it?
What kind of people used it?

What kind of craftsman made it? I feel that each encounter with an antique is truly a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. I feel that encountering an antique item is truly a [once in a lifetime encounter].

We would like to pass on the charm of antique pieces to the people who made them and cherished them for many years.
We run our store with the desire to help our customers and antique items[once in a lifetime encounter].

's name has a
LUG (LUG is a link between antique items and customers) a point of contact between the antique item and the customer. and a link between antique items and customers.) We hope to be a "LUG" (a link) that connects antique items with customers.

We understand that many people are anxious about the transaction because they cannot see the item in their hands in advance.
That is why we try to conduct our transactions with the same level of sincerity as our actual stores.
Please feel free to ask us anything about our products, antiques, or the store.
Please be assured that we take every possible measure to follow up with you after your purchase.

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