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Welcome to the antique shop SILVER-LUG!

My name is Watanabe, and I am the owner of SILVER-LUG .

SILVER-LUG Owner: Taiga Watanabe

SILVER-LUG Owner: Taiga Watanabe

Ever since I was young, I have loved classic fashion and items, and I especially admired the traditional style of British gentlemen.

I gradually became fascinated with the world of antiques, and my hobby grew into opening the shop "SILVER-LUG".

The world of antiques is very large, and the selection of each shop varies greatly depending on the owner's tastes, but our shop focuses on British silver products and antique watches.
Even though they are antiques, we are particular about choosing items that can actually be used in our current lives, rather than just being something to display or look at.

When you hear the word "antiques," you may imagine them to be very expensive or difficult to own without some knowledge, and many people may feel intimidated at first.
Our store carries a range of items at prices that are affordable even for those who are new to antiques, and we do our best to explain the origins of the products, how to use them, and how to care for them in as easy-to-understand a manner as possible.

In order to offer high-quality antiques at the most affordable prices possible, we work with partners around the world and make efforts to purchase antiques at low prices by purchasing from local antique markets and directly from collectors.
We only sell our products online and do not have a physical store, but this is to allow us to offer our products at affordable prices while minimizing the costs of running a store.


The charm of antiques is that each one has a different story to tell.

-What era and country does it belong to?
-What kind of craftsman made it?
・What kind of people used it?

When I think about these things, I strongly feel that each antique piece is one of a kind, unique in the world.
Encountering an antique is truly
a once in a lifetime experience .

We would like to inherit the thoughts of the creators and those who have cherished this product for many years and convey its charm.
We want to help our customers create a once-in-a-lifetime experience between themselves and antiques .
It is with this thought in mind that we run this shop.
The name SILVER-LUG embodies our desire to become a LUG (handle, knob) that connects customers to the world of antiques .

Since we only sell online, some people may feel uneasy about not being able to talk face-to-face or see the products in advance.
That is why we strive to provide honest transactions that are just as good as those in physical stores.
Please rest assured that we provide thorough after-sales support after your purchase.
Thanks to you, we have received positive feedback from many customers.

The antiques in our store are masterpieces that I, the owner, have carefully selected.
If you are interested, please take a look.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries about our products, antiques, or our store.
The owner, Watanabe, will answer your questions.

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