Ordering instructions

We will explain the procedure for ordering products from our store.

To the shopping cart screen

  1. If you are already a member, please log in

  2. Add the product you want to your cart

    If you have already added the item to your cart, please click the cart button on the top right.

  3. shopping cart

    (1) Please confirm the product and price of your order (if you are a member, the member discount price will be displayed)

    (2) If you have any requests for receipts, gift wrapping, or other information, please enter them in the "Notes" field.

    (3) If you have a preferred delivery date and time, please select the date, time and time on the calendar. *Only available for domestic Yu-Pack delivery in Japan

    (4) Click "Proceed to Checkout."

Cash register screen

If you use "Shop Pay," "PayPal," "Google Pay," or "Apple Pay" as your payment method, you can use "Express Checkout" at the top to complete your order with just the respective payment process.

Below are the steps if you are not using Express Checkout.

  1. contact address

    Please enter your email address. *If you are logged in, it will be displayed from the beginning. *You can also log in from here.

  2. delivery

    Please enter your delivery address and phone number

    *If you are logged in and the delivery address is already registered, it will be automatically entered. *If you enter a postal code, the address will be automatically filled in part. *If you are a member and have registered multiple delivery addresses, you can select them. For details, please see

    *The "Delivery method" will automatically be selected as Yu-Pack for domestic shipments in Japan and DHL for shipments outside of Japan. *If you are ordering only small care products, the actual delivery method may be changed to "Yu-Packet."

  3. payment

    Please select the payment method

    *If you are using a credit card, please enter your credit card number. *In accordance with our privacy policy, we do not collect data such as credit card numbers or security codes.

    For credit card payments, if the shipping address and billing address are different, uncheck "Use shipping address as billing address" and enter the billing address.

  4. Billing Address

    If your payment method is other than credit card or PayPal and your shipping address is different from your billing address, select "Use a different billing address" and enter your billing address.

  5. Order Summary

    Please check the list of items you ordered and the payment amount.

    If you want to use a coupon or gift card, enter the code and click "Apply"

    Membership discounts are automatically applied

  6. Order Completed

    Click the "Buy now" or "Complete order" button to complete your order. *The display will differ depending on the payment method. *There is no confirmation screen, so please make sure you check the order details carefully before pressing the button.

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