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Around 1910 Antique Good operation Ulysse Nardin Pocket watch K18 Gold Hunter Diameter 54mm 121g

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We would like to introduce an antique pocket watch from Ulysse Nardin, a luxury watch manufacturer founded in 1846.

This is a rather large pocket watch with a 54mm diameter 18K solid hunter case.
The engraving on the case is simple, but the cartouche on the front cover is engraved with a beautiful monogram that looks like the initials of the first owner.
It's a thin watch like Ulysse Nardin, but it's solid 18k gold, so it's heavy.
The same number “11124” is engraved on each case lid and the movement, suggesting that the case is also original.
The condition of the dial and movement is also very good, and overall it is a beautiful item in good storage condition.
It may not be the original, but it comes in a leather-covered box.

We hope this lovely antique watch will add some color to your day!

The overhaul history is unknown, but the balance swing is good and it is ticking and moving well.
We are uploading videos on YouTube. Please use it as a reference for operating conditions.

[Condition etc.]
・Case: Although there is wear over time, it is in a beautiful state with no noticeable scratches or dents.
The mechanism that pushes the crown to open the lid is smooth because the spring also works.
・Case engraving: There is a Ulysse Nardin engraving inside both lids.
Swiss 18K gold Helvetia stamps are on the inside of the case back and inner lid.
・Dial: It is in a very clean state with no cracks or missing letters.
・Windshield: Mineral glass with no scratches or blemishes.
・Others: The bow (the ring part of the pendant) has been replaced and seems to be made of gold.
・Accuracy: Within 30 seconds per day when measured with a flat time grapher ・Power reserve: Confirmed up to 30 hours from full mainspring

*The daily difference will change depending on the posture difference and the winding condition of the mainspring, so please consider it as a reference only.

・Year of manufacture circa 1910 ・Movement mechanical ・Mainspring hand-wound ・Time adjustment pendant set (crown pull)
・Serial No.11124
・Case material: 18K solid gold (750/1000)
・Case diameter 54mm (excluding crown)
・Case thickness 11.5mm (including windshield)
・Weight 121g

* Since it is an antique item, there is no other exactly the same item. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anything.

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Around 1910 Antique Good operation Ulysse Nardin Pocket watch K18 Gold Hunter Diameter 54mm 121g

Around 1910 Antique Good operation Ulysse Nardin Pocket watch K18 Gold Hunter Diameter 54mm 121g